Happiness Smells Like Pizza!

Welcome to Pizzeria El Takún where there is nothing like a freshly made pizza, crispy and topped with exquisite ingredients. Pizza is an ancient Italian art that has become a timeless passion worldwide and that millions of people adore. 

Everyone has a favorite pizza. Discover with us which one makes you happy.

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Handmade Pizzas 

You can choose from our wide selection of homemade pizzas: classic, white and special. Our pizzas respect the Italian tradition that has conquered the entire world.

Today it is difficult to imagine life without pizza!

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Chef's Delights

El Takún is not just pizza. Our Italian chef invites you to taste some of their delicious dishes. Difficult choice between meat lasagna, vegetable parmigiana or ricotta and spinach cannelloni. 

How good!

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Homemade desserts

Indulge yourself with our handmade desserts. The classic Tiramisú, the mythical cheese cake and the tasty cake with 3 chocolates are some of our proposals.

Each bite will be an explosion of flavor!

Handmade Pizzas

48 hours of maturation to obtain a good and highly digestible pizza.

Quality Products

Special attention on products and production to unite the good and the healthy.

Trusted Providers

We know their stories and the itinerary that the product follows until it reaches us.