Chef's Delights                 

"The kitchen is multisensory. The moment you try a dish, the information that reaches our brain is impressive."

Chef's Delights

Meat Lasagna  - 8,00€


Parmigiana con berenjenas fritas, mozzarella y salsa de tomate - 10,00€ 


Canelones de ricota y espinacas  - 10,00€



Italian Classics

Tomato, Buffalo mozzarella  and Oregano - 8,00€


Chicken Milanese with French Fries - 8,00€


Tasting of Italian Sausages with Fried Gnocco  - 12,00€


Bresaola Rucula and Parmesan   - 12,00€


Fresh Italian Cheese with Rosemary Focaccia and Serrano Ham - 12,00€


Porchetta with French Fries  - 12,00€


Handmade Pizzas 

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